Communicate the relationship between a hotel and its city and values.

Nhow, NH Hotel group, is based in Milan, Berlin and Rotterdam. The concept of the Rotterdam hotel is focused on design, the Berlin one on music. Nhow Milan is the result of a combination between contemporary art, fashion and elegance: every 6 months, Nhow hosts real exhibitions that everyone can visit on all the floors of the hotel.

Year: 2014

Part of the reception, with extraordinary sculptures by one of the leading figures of the applied lighting design Jacopo Foggini, resin chandeliers and custom-made furnishings by Matteo Thun and Koop chairs designed by Karim Rashid.

All projects we designed focused on the concept “Art is Nhow”. We created a constantly evolving digital container, for people to discover but above all to enjoy as it offers constantly changing travel experiences. This is the concept that inspired the creation of the new site for nhow Milano, an original design-hotel created in the former industrial plant that has been transformed into an unconventional space.

The idea was developed and put online by the agency, which designed a functional, dynamic portal with the brand essence at its centre to create a system of communications and consistent values between the inside and the outside, between the physical space and the virtual space. The portal thus becomes a crossroad of different languages and experiences linked to art, design and fashion, the three souls of Nhow Milano which take shape in the various sections that make up the site.

Nhow hotel Milano was designed by Matteo Thun, one of the pillars of the Italian architecture and design. The interiors present a chameleonic, metropolitan mix of no-design and one-off pieces by artists and designers. The hotel’s 249 rooms and the 260 sqm presidential suite are designed like lofts with furnishings that can be freely arranged. Photo by Aldo Belkouar.

From factory to industrial chic hotel: set up in a former factory (the old General Electric), the Nhow hotel in Milan is a microcosm of design and art, exhibition spaces, cultural and social events.

On the magazine “The Art Side Of Milan”, people can keep informed of all the exhibitions in the city.

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