Consumer elecronics: offline / online advertising and digital products

Mediamarket is the Italian company of Media-Saturn Holding. In Italy, it operates with the brand Media World. Competitive prices, the largest selection of products, attractive brands and exclusive own brands, innovative technology, comprehensive service and unconventional marketing – these are the ingredients that have made Media-Saturn the Number One consumer electronics retailer in Europe.

Year: 2010 - 2012

I've worked on a number of projects for Media World: contests, websites, e-commerce, communication activities, and more. In 2011 I've designed their first mobile app. This client taught me a lot, not just in terms of creativity and design, but also planning, discipline, and processes.

I also created the graphic restyling of the Saturn corporate website (Saturn is another brand of the Group) so that it becomes more usable, clear and rational.
Completed the corporate website, I also worked on the e-commerce, designing all the templates and the purchasing process.

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