Creating a benchmark in Italy and Europe. +90% new clients the first year.

Edison S.p.A., an energy company, engages in the electric power, hydrocarbons exploration and production businesses. It also distributes electric power, natural gas and crude oil. Founded in 1884, Edison is the oldest European energy company and one of the leading energy companies in Italy and Europe. From 2012 is part of EDF Group (Électricité de France), the leading global electricity provider.

Year: 2009 - 2013

Cayenne (DENTSU Group) gave me the opportunity to work on Edison. For them, I created websites, contests, communication activities, adverts, etc. I also worked on the restyling of Edison Energia, Edison Casa and Edison Business. These three websites were designed to make the offers clear, making it easy for users to find information. For these more innovative features, such as the extreme usability, the work for Edison has been considered a benchmark from competitors for several years. The first year after the restyling, Edison reported +90% new clients.

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