Driving men to Limoni and La Gardenia, the main beauty chains in Italy.

Limoni and La Gardenia, part of the Leading Luxury Group, are the most important beauty chains in Italy. They are market leaders with hundreds of stores in all the country.

One of the goals on the brief dedicated to the digital strategy 2015, was to find a way to encourage male consumers to go to the beauty shops. Our idea was to create a mobile app: a gift finder dedicated to men who don’t know what to give to women. “What Women Want” find the perfect gift in a simple, fast and funny way and help you to remember all the celebrations such as: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or family dinners. On this project, I worked on the communication strategy, concept, art direction, UX and UI design.

We created three ironic videos to promote the app with a funny couple as the main characters.

Gift idea: bungee jumping by surprise

Gift idea: appliance

Gift idea: pet

Landing page

The client liked the idea and the following promotion. So, we created the same app dedicated to women: What Men Want. Also for What Men Want, we worked on the promotion online and offline.

Three videos together. Animations and illustrations by Stefano Agabio.