History, elegance, home: the three main elements of the new branding.

Parisa Rugs & Décor is a rug boutique and design gallery in the heart of the Old City in Philadelphia. Every item they have has been hand selected for its palette, pattern, form & function. Admiring the art of handcraft and nurturing culture and traditions, Parisa Rugs & Décor celebrates uniqueness and embraces quality.

Year: 2016

The concept of Parisa is to represent the home atmosphere: a family atmosphere, where customers can find and talk with experts. To create the brand, I have thought about the beautiful vestiges in the city of Persepolis, “the city of the Persians”, especially about the stone blocks of the doors of the “Palace of Darius the Great”.

Palace of Darius the Great - Persepolis

Furthermore I have designed a stylized the door that becomes a Pi (П), the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. (Not by chance, a research suggests that letter П is a gate, since it is the first letter of "πύλη”, which means “gate of the town or temple”. Allegedly, the Greeks wanted to represent the shape of the entrance to civilization).

Moreover, letter Pi of the greek alphabet is the most important number of science and of everyday life. The story of Pi is almost 4 thousand years old and the Babylonians - great mathematicians and architects - were the first to use it. In short, an ancient story but still present. And in our brand, Pi, with its ancient and evocative meanings, becomes a modern symbol: a house, a temple, a sacred space of beauty and harmony. A welcoming door, a gate always open to the customers.

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